Great Lakes Lawn and Landscape - Taking Advantage of Elderly

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Elderly widowed Neighbour used this service for over a year.Horrible results, lawn was almost dead.

Called multiple times to ask for assistance. Finally told technician to stop servicing lawn, she was cancelling service. While she was gone the next month, they treated the lawn. They were leaving when I pulled up.

They now demand payment for the unauthorized service. They are threatening to take her to a collection agency. She has no family to defend her, they say she is lying and never cancelled. We spoke many times about this - so I know she did and was present when she cancelled.

What a horrible way to treat your customers. So now she feels forced to pay for something she did not want.

They have her over a barrel - pay them or pay for a lawyer to defend herself.DO THE RIGHT THING.

Review about: Lawn Care Service.

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